Wednesday, September 11, 2013


rolleiflex automat K4A f3.5 75mm schneider 120format camera(7/10 condition)sold

yashica D f3.5 80mm 120format camera with lens cap,case,strap(7.9/10 condtion)sold

yashica GTN f1.7 45mm RF camera with filter,strap and case (include battery)(7.9/10 condtion)sold

pentax ME f2 50mm smc k-mount lens camera(7.9/10 condition)with lens cap and strap sold


 polaroid spectra instant cam(tested on empty film back)sold

FED 5B f2.8 35mm jupiter-12 m39 RF camera (7.9/10 condition)with front rear cap and  case sold

ricoh 500GX f2.8 40mm RF camera(8/10 condtion)sold


polaroid one step closeup 600 film instant cam body(tested on empty film back)rm160